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Tips for eSports Fans: How to Bet on Different Cybersport Games Successfully

E-sport is not as conservative as a regular sport, and leagues are actively experimenting with competition formats, not always successfully. It happens that long before the end of the draw, some teams lose their chances to get to the next stage. Motivation for the remaining games disappears, and a real fun begins: fan peaks in Dota 2 and LoL, non-standard strategies in Starcraft II, crazy rashies in CS: GO. Watching this is fun, but be careful when betting. Simple advice - before the match, be sure to check the format of the lol betting competition and the team ratings.

Having lost the chances of reaching the next stage, teams can not only have fun, but also try to earn. The problem of agreement exists in this sport, and it is even more difficult to calculate them. A good example: First Blood bets. There is nothing easier than "accidentally" to give your opponent a crazy murder. An experienced player will easily make it impossible to catch him in evil intent.

Dota 2 and LoL Peak Bet

In Dota 2 and LoL, the average level of players is quite high, and the outcome of the card largely depends on the set of heroes chosen by the captain. Live bets allow you to make a decision, already knowing which characters are selected. Quick push, counter-tactics, personal skill of players on the chosen hero / champion, established command strategies - knowing the key features of the card, it is much easier to choose the winner.

A certain analogy with football is the starting lineup. An unexpected tactical scheme or exit at the base of the speed dribbler against slow defenders helps to choose a favorite of the match. In Dota 2 and LoL, the same thing, only the importance of “starters” is higher.

The Main Tournaments in LoL:

  • regional leagues (LoL Pro League, Masters Series, Champions Korea, etc.);
  • seasonal international tournaments (Mid Season, autumn and spring split);
  • joint tournaments of Riot and other organizers (IEM, MLG);
  • World Cup (League of Legends World Championship).

In addition to cash prizes, teams compete for quotas on higher-ranking tournaments. The main goal of any team is the World Cup, which takes place in the fall and lasts almost 2 months. The League of Legends World Championship has been held since 2011. The prize fund in 2017 amounted to more than 4.5 million dollars. And only the first 2 championships were won by a team not from South Korea. This region is the strongest in LoL and when meeting Koreans with representatives of another region, the first favorite will almost always be. The world championship is still interesting because often on it the bookmakers offer to bet on the best player - the MVP of the tournament.

Learn more about LoL tips if you are going to bet on it. Check the information on other cybersport disciplines before betting as well.