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Your Vision A Vision for the James River Watershed
Cover image from "A Vision for the James River Watershed" document.
Cover image from "A Vision for the James River Watershed" document. © Cameron Davidson/Corbis

Based on workshops, interviews, and surveys, the Envision the James core team has drafted an initial vision document to begin defining and implementing a common vision for the James River to benefit present and future generations. It identifies two core initiatives focused on recreation and heritage and wildlife and landscape conservation.

James River Watershed basemap from document
James River Watershed Heritage & Recreation map from document
James River Watershed Wildlife & Conservation map from document

The Envision The James (ETJ) initiative, launched by a team comprised of the Chesapeake Conservancy, the James River Association and National Geographic Maps in 2011, has encouraged individuals, community leaders and organizations to describe their vision for the James River watershed. The team used public meetings and surveys to solicit input from the James River community to develop a shared vision. Participants overwhelmingly envision clean and accessible waterways, restored streamside vegetation and wildlife habitat, local economies benefitting from tourism and recreation, the celebration of culture and heritage and protected landscapes. The Envision The James Team (ETJ Team) is committed to the collaboration, foresight, and leadership required to achieve this vision. The ETJ Team supports goals of protecting, restoring, and passing on the numerous natural, cultural and historic assets of the James River watershed to future generations. 

To realize the vision, two core initiatives are provisionally proposed in this document, which the ETJ Team believes will bring renewed focus and support to long-standing efforts along the river corridor and throughout the watershed. The two core initiatives are: 

James River Heritage and Recreation Corridor Initiative

James River Wildlife Habitat and Landscape Conservation Initiative

In order to achieve the goal of each initiative, Envision the James will provide communities and partners with a mechanism for garnering leadership and coordinating assistance to plan and implement regional and river-wide activities in support of these core initiatives. Implementation will involve a two-pronged approach. Envision the James will support new and ongoing projects by helping connect them with the additional resources they need. Envision the James will also bring new tools and approaches to the table.

Please download the vision document below, along with the National Geographic maps included in the document that show the current state of these initiatives within the watershed. Also, you are welcome to share your comments below, and don't forget to join the Envision the James Community to stay up to date on the collective implementation of the Vision.


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