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Cryptocurrency Where To Buy?

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets; they have no physical form and have decentralization at the core. They are used for buying goods and services; many companies now add this settlement option. There are no intermediaries when you use crypto. That is their main difference from conventional banks and financial establishments.

Crypto transactions are easy to track. Every time assets are moved from one wallet to another, it is recorded in the blockchain.

There is no regulatory body to control the emission of crypto assets. Blockchain technology is the foundation for digital assets. Due to it, transactions occur directly between users. The transaction records are not stored in one central storage but spread among the network nodes on thousands of computers worldwide. That is what decentralization means.

Many people want to join the crypto industry. They do it to trade or to invest in promising projects for the long term. Many enjoy playing blockchain games and receive tokens as a reward. Numerous new directions of crypto applications emerge in the market. So many strive to be a part of it.

Beginners wonder about how to buy cryptocurrency. We will try to answer the question “Where can you buy crypto” below.

Where To Buy Crypto

The most convenient options to purchase digital assets:

  • Binance - the largest crypto platform in the world with the biggest trading volume, numerous tools for trading, average fees, high level of security. There is an educational section for those wanting to improve their skills. The platform has two options interface - one for beginners and another for advanced trading.
  • WhiteBIT - the biggest crypto exchange in Europe. User-friendly interface, adjustable display, convenient tools, educational and news block with articles and guides - White Blog.

Both platforms are centralized, which means they are responsible for the funds stored in their wallets. They strictly control illegal and suspicious transactions, protecting users' accounts. Since users’ safety is crucial in trading, we recommend paying attention to these exchanges.