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To Do Shopping in Alanya Shopping Centre Is Not a Waste of Time

Alanya Shopping Centre

Is summer holiday a suitable time for shopping, or not? Tourists and shopkeepers have agreed with each other - yes, it is. At the seaside shopping is a pleasant alternative to scorching temperatures on the beach. That's why Alanya - a popular tourist destination - can be counted among the biggest retail spots on the Turkish Mediterranean coastline. What can you expect in Alanya shopping centres ? Well, it depends on where you head to. There are shopping malls and boutiques where you won't notice any difference but doing shopping at local vendors in their traditional way - it can be an extraordinary experience.

International or Local Brands? You Can Have Them Both

The shopping mall Alanyum offers shoes, electronics, cosmetics, glasses, books, toys and anything else you might need during your visit to the resort town. The most sold common goods are clothes. You can buy expensive world - renowned brands or cheaper pieces in outlets. The prices are really fair and Turkish fashion in local boutiques is also worth buying. Women and young girls are surprised by tons of dresses, shirts and skirts, hats and jeans that they definitely must try on. Men have to seek something more interesting... maybe something to eat? Local food as fresh fish, Turkish sweets and agriculture products are sold in malls, too.

Local Bazaars Have the Atmosphere

People who have refined taste and sense of beauty like bazaars where wonderful accessories are sold. If you are looking for something new and comfortable to the beach.there are plenty of towels, silk scarves, handbags and other great products for summer wearing. Decorative items for the living room such as candleholders, cushions, blankets and vases. Are they a great idea for a souvenir or a present? One can admire furniture collections including bamboo stools and marble side tables. If you wish to redecorate the house, there are plenty of home accessories to choose from. Maybe you will need a van to get back home but you will have a piece of Turkey at home.

The Flea Market Is a Bargain

It is called Cuma Pazari, and it is held every Friday. You can buy almost everything here. Firstly fresh local home-grown fruits and vegetables, secondly anything you can imagine on the market - eclectic array of clothes, ceramics and handmade crafts.. And you will learn a new game - negotiating about the price. Local shoppers and vendors like haggling and it can take many minutes. But be patient, frown a little and ask for a much lower price than you are really willing to pay. Ask for a quantity discount. Pretend to leave the stall and come back after a while like by chance. Don't be shy or embarrassed. It is the national sport. It will work, the vendor will bring down his earlier price and will be satisfied with a good deal. However, you may be exhausted a bit.

What Is the Real Turkish Souvenir Like?

It should remind of days spent in Turkey: hand made carpets and rugs, strings of coloured glass beads, ceramics, leather goods (wallets and purses, belts, bracelets), water pipe, statuettes and other antiquities. Turkish specialties like tea, spices (smoked pepper), olives and sweets are delicious. Especially sweets made of fruits, chocolate, pistachio and other nuts or rose petals are incredibly excellent. They are vacuum- packed so there´s no risk of going bad on the way back. Though, they cannot be used as a memory of the holiday for a long time.

Do you buy souvenirs? Which kind of them do you prefer? Besides buying souvenirs, do you do shopping on holiday? Do you like local markets?